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Cocopeat Products

      Cocopeat is available in the following formats.

5 Kg Washed and Unwashed Blocks

      Unwashed, dried coco peat is compressed in sizes of 30x30x12-15 cm. The compression ratio is about 1:5. These blocks are used for landscaping, turfs, as absorbent in cattle farms and as mushroom substrate.
      Washed cocopeat is also available as 5 Kg blocks and is widely used for most horticultural applications.

650 g Washed and Unwashed Briquettes

      Washed and unwashed, dried coco peat is compressed in sizes of 20x10x4-6 cm. The compression ratio is about 1:8. These briquettes are mostly exported and it is also the preferred format for retail sales of cocopeat.

Cocopeat Disk and Coins

      Washed cocopeat disks and coins are used in nursery and germination applications. The come in 100 mm dia x 100 g, 60 mm dia x 25g, 40 mm dia x 6g, 30 mm dia x 5g and 20 mm dia x 5g. 40 mm and 30 mm coins are available with non woven cloth bag packing.

Grow Bags

      Grow bags are used in hydroponic cultivation of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries etc. Growbags come in a variety of sizes with 100x20x5 cm, 100x18x5 cm and 100x15x5 cm sizes being the most popular. Mostly grow bags come with unwashed cocopeat as washing is carried out before use. Coconut husk chips can be added to increase the aeration.

Planter bags

      Planter bags are container type growbags which are also used for cultivation of many commercial crops. Special variations of these planter bags are available for high drainage applications. We also offer special branded planter bags for terrace kitchen gardening applications.
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