Other Products

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Other Products

      The following horticultural products are also available from Williams Enterprises.

Rubberized Coir Pots and Basket Liners

      Rubberized coir pots of different sizes and hanging basket liners of different sizes are available.
      They are used in nurseries for growing plants with root disturbance intolerance, plants requiring high drainage, climber supports and in hanging baskets to create a full flowing basket.

Coconut Shell Products

      Coconut shell products such as decorative coco shell chips mulch, polished coconut shell for bird baths, bird feeds, reptile and crab houses are available.

Coconut Shell Charcoal

      Coconut Shell Charcoal are available in hemispherical shapes and as chips of different grades. These form an excellent raw material for activated shell charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal is exported as wood charcoal is banned for export. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes can also be supplied as fuel for barbeques

Cut Fibre

      Cut fibre is used along with cocopeat in hydroseeding. A slurry of cocopeat, cut fibre, grass seeds and manure is sprayed over the area to be landscaped. The cut fibre forms a matting preventing the washing away of the cocopeat, manure and seeds allowing the uniform development of turf.

Coir Pith Organic Manure

      Coir pith is mixed with a suitable animal manure such as cow dung or poultry litter by using it as an absorbent in cattle farms and poultry farms. The spent coir pith is richly soaked with the dropping of the animals and this product is further decomposed using fungal culture. Suitable minerals are added to increase the availability of secondary and micro nutrients. The fungus breaks down the coir pith and the natural bacteria in the manure breaks down the manure resulting in a rich, soft, humus, organic manure that is widely used for horticulture, especially seed germination and organic farming of vegetables.

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