Coconut Husk Chips

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Coir Husk Chips Products

      Coir Husk or Coconut Husk Chips is available in the following formats.

4 Kg Washed and Unwashed Blocks

      Unwashed, dried coco husk chips is compressed in sizes of 30x30x15 cm. The compression ratio is about 1:4. These blocks are used as mulch as it forms a protective mulch mat. Washed coconut husk chips is also available as 4 Kg blocks and is widely used for growing orchids commercially.

500 g Washed and Unwashed Briquettes

      Washed and sometimes unwashed, dried coco husk chips is compressed in sizes of 20x10x4-6 cm. The compression ratio is about 1:8. These briquettes are mostly exported and it is also the preferred format for retail sales of coconut husk chips.

Cocopeat 5kg bales with coco husk chips

      Washed cocopeat is blended with coconut husk chips of different grades as per customer specification to increase the drainage of the susbstrate. The blending ratio is usually 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1. This material is used for hydroponic cultivation of anthuriums and roses.

Gerbera Disks

      Gerbera disks as the name suggests is coconut husk chips pressed in disk shapes of 100g, 200g or more.
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