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Upto 200% Cashback - Terms & Conditions
  1. This cashback scheme is brought to you by Williams Enterprises on its Horticultural Coir Products and EzeeGrow branded products. The scheme is offered to encourage customers to purchase through its new website coco-peat.com.
  2. The scheme is available to all visitors of coco-peat.com.
  3. By participating in the Scheme, the Customer agrees to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The cashback is available for purchase of all horticultural coir products and select products with the brand EzeeGrow. 
  5. The scheme is available for the first 1000 unique customers who make online purchase of selected products on the website coco-peat.com or upto 31.12.2016 if the number of customers is not reached.
  6. The scheme is also made available for those who register in the website in the registration page and for those visitors who provide their Name and email in the scheme popup window till 31.08.2016. Such visitors shall have to make their purchase before midnight of 31.12.2016 to be eligible for this scheme. The option to register for the scheme will be withdrawn if the number of orders cross 1000 before 31.08.2016
  7. Those who have provided only their name and email for the scheme must register in the website before completing the purchase.
  8. The cashback is given in the form of discount, reward points and credit points. Reward points can only be redeemed at coco-peat.com. Credit points can be converted to PayTM or PayUMoney wallet cash. Each point is the equivalent of 1 rupee and can be used to make further purchases in coco-peat.com
  9. The maximum points that can be earned will be 200% of the value of the eligible products or Rs. 5000/- whichever is lower. The maximum cashback shall be calculated on the basis of final payment made to Williams Enterprises. Shipping costs, Reward and Credit Points will not be taken into account for calculating the maximum cashback.
  10. The cash back is given in four stages - First a 10% discount is made available for the selected products. Second, a tracking promotion link will be shared with the customer which can then be shared by the customer with his / her friends in social networks. Whenever a visitor makes a purchase at coco-peat.com through the tracking promotion link, a 10% commission will be given as credit points upto a maximum of 20% of the original order value or Rs. 500/- whichever is lower. Third, the customer must submit an article which is based on the use of the product that has been purchased. This article must be mailed to enterprises@williams.in with appropriate photographs or videos. As soon as the article is received the customer gets another 25% credit or Rs. 625/- whichever is lower, as reward points. Fourth, The article will be published on coco-peat.com and a tracking number will be assigned to the article. Whenever a visitor lands on the article and then makes a purchase on coco-peat.com a 10% commission will be added to the credit points of the customer until the total reward and credit points awarded to the customer in all the four stages is equal to 100% of the order value or Rs. 2500/- whichever is lower.
  11. For a single order, a customer can submit a maximum of two articles, each of which will be eligible for upto 95% of the order value or Rs. 2,375/- whichever is lower. The maximum cashback as rewards and credits per order of Rs. 2500/- or more would be Rs. 5000 for two articles combined.
  12. The article submitted by the customer must be unique and helpful for other customers to use the product. The article must be submitted within six months from the date of purchase.
  13. The article and photos / videos submitted by the customer shall become the property of Williams Enterprises and may be used as deemed fit for marketing purposes.
  14. If published, the article will carry the name of the original author (customer) and may carry any link back to the author's blog or website. However, Williams Enterprises reserves the right to make changes to the original article before publishing it.
  15. Each customer can submit two articles per order and a maximum of one order per customer. Cashback will be provided only if the article relates to any of the products purchased through the order.
  16. The tracking number for the article and tracking link will be provided to the author so that he / she may share it with friends in order to ensure faster earning of the remaining cashback as commissions.
  17. The tracking number shall be valid for one year from the date of publishing of the article. The commissions will stop after one year from the date of publishing of the article, even if the total earnings has not crossed 200% of the order value or Rs. 5000/- whichever is lower.
  18. Incomplete or incorrect information will be deemed void and invalid.
  19. The customers can find out the reward and credit point balance by logging into their coco-peat.com account.
  20. In case of any overdue in the Customer’s account, Williams Enterprises would not be liable to pay any reward or credit incentive. 
  21. Williams Enterprises reserves the right to request the eligible Customers to provide proof of identity to claim the Referral Incentive.
  22. Williams Enterprises shall have the sole discretion to discontinue/cancel/modify the offer at any point of time and the Customers shall not raise any claim due to such discontinuation or cancellation. The Customers agree that the offer is at the sole discretion of Williams Enterprises.
  23. Employees of Williams Enterprises and other subsidiaries of Williams India Group cannot be referred / participate under the above offer.
  24. In case of any dispute, the decision of Williams Enterprises, as the case may be, shall be final and binding. 
  25. All ancillary cost /local and other taxes will be charged as applicable. The reward / credit points is subject to taxes and TDS norms will apply.
  26. The Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Williams Enterprises and other subsidiaries of Williams India Group against all losses, damages, claims or expenses including claims from third parties arising from any breach by the Customer of any of the terms hereof or if any data furnished by the Customer is found to be untrue or incorrect or if the Customer has failed to procure due consent from the person/entity referred or any claims of whatsoever nature from the person/entity referred or otherwise arising out of this Scheme which is attributable to any act/omission of the Customer.
  27. The decision of Williams Enterprises on all matters related to or arising out of the Scheme shall be final.
  28. The Courts of Coimbatore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between Williams Enterprises or its affiliates and the Customer or the prospective customer or otherwise arising out of or related to the Scheme.
  29. Any disparity or query pertaining to the reward/credit points must be brought to the notice of Williams Enterprises prior to 31October 2018.
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